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VCAM is the leading SMT equipment manufacturer Inline with Industry 4.0. VCAM have a strong R&D center to focus on introducing supporting equipment/system for SMT solutions for the digital transformation. VCAM have more than 18 years of R&D and technical experiences in the SMT industry up to now. VCAM have technical support team in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Indonesia and etc. VCAM provides customized solutions for Electronics Assembly Manufacturing and Semiconductor manufacturing.

About us

VCAM is a leading R&D and manufacturer of SMT supporting equipment. We specialize in thermal profiling, automation and optimization solution for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) industry; VCAM introduce equipment performance tracking that is easy, fast and accurate.

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Quick response within 24 hours and providing the best possible solution.

Technology development focus

20% of the total revenue is being invested into technology development. The investment amount has been increasing every year.

Quality assurance

Obtained more than 20 national patents and granted certificates of Advanced Technology Corporate by China Government.

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Furnace Temperature Test and Real-time Monitoring System

Reflow Oven Performance Kit

Automatic Solder Dispenser (ASD)

Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Stencil Inspection Machine

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