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VCAM is a leading R&D and manufacturer of SMT supporting equipment. We specialize in thermal profiling, automation and optimization solution for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) industry; VCAM introduce equipment performance tracking that is easy, fast and accurate.

VCAM products:

  • Profile Intelligent System (PIS) – The reflow oven real-time profiling system
  • Automatic Solder Dispenser (ASD) – Automatic dispense solder paste onto stencil in a Screen Printer
  • iProfile – Reflow oven offline profiling system
  • Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Machine – To automatize the cleaning and drying process of nozzles
  • Oxygen Analyzer – To real-time analyze oxygen content data in a reflow oven
  • Liquid flow real-time monitoring system – To real-time monitor liquid flow (any kinds of liquid such as oil, water, chemicals, fluids and etc)
  • Stencil Cleaning Machine – To automatize the cleaning and drying process of stencils
  • Automatic Stencil Inspection Machine – To inspect the stencil (tension, clogging, burrs, comparison of GERBER file & stencil, comparison of old & new stencil and etc)
  • Solder Paste Mixer – To well-mixed solder paste for printing process
  • Parts Counters – To take count on SMD pa
  • Reflow Machine capability index (RCMK) – To inspect the reflow oven overall performance
  • SMT parts and etc.

Vision & Mission

VCAM is working to make your SMT line smarter through thermal profiling, automation and optimization solutions. With offices across the globe, VCAM is ready to provide you the SMT solutions.

Corporate Policy

Quality Policy

Quality and customer service are always our top priority. Our technical team is standby to respond to you in 24 hours.

Environmental Policy

Zero waste, zero pollution. Our production brings no harm to human health and natural ecosystems.

Example products

Corporate Timeline


VCAM Intl Sdn Bhd has been set up in Malaysia to focus on overseas market.


Granted Certificates of Advanced Technology Corporate by China Government.


Granted with ISO certificates & other patents.


The first Automatic Solder Dispensing System(ASD) was introduced.


Launched our first product, the first inline reflow monitoring system(PIS) in China.


VCAM Hong Kong Co., Ltd. has founded. R&D center was set up in Shenzhen, China.


VCAM trademark registered.


Involved in SMT equipment & machinery trading.


Jie Hui Duo Tech has been founded in ShenZhen, China.


Started with trading business(consumable parts).

Corporate’s Awards & Certificates